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The Journal
Weekly Newspaper covering Marion, Schley, Chattahoochee, Webster, and Stewart Counties.
71 Webb Lane, Buena Vista, GA 31803 • Phone & Fax: 229-649-6397 • Email: tjournal@windstream.net

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New name, more news, new service
We’ve made a few changes here at your local weekly newspaper.
The most obvious change is in the name. This is a change that was long overdue, as the previous “The Tri-County Journal & Chattahoochee Chronicle” was much too long and at times caused confusion.
When we started the newspaper in 1996 (has it really been 16 years?) we decided on “The Tri-County Journal” and offered coverage in Marion, Schley, and Webster counties. The name seemed perfect since all three of those counties were bonded together by a single high school (Tri County High).
Even after Schley and Webster counties reestablished their own high schools, the name still made sense because we still covered the three counties. However, when we added coverage of Chattahoochee County, a change was needed. Rather than come up with an entirely new name, I came up with the idea of simply adding “& Chattahoochee Chronicle” in smaller letters. It seemed to make sense at the time, but in hindsight it wasn’t such a great idea.
I have often thought of changing the newspaper’s name since then, but I could never come up with a name that seemed right.
I began to notice over the last couple of years that some of our readers had already made my decision for me, as they would often ask, “What’s going to be in The Journal this week?” So, now we have gone from having perhaps the longest and most “clunky” newspaper name in the state to having the most simple name – The Journal.
We are also pleased to have finally taken the step of expanding our coverage into Stewart County. Residents of Stewart County have asked us to include them for many years and the timing finally felt right.
We are fortunate to have secured the assistance of Richland resident Clifford (Chip) Jones, who is very involved in the community. He also has more than two decades of experience in the communications/media field, having worked in various capacities for Cooke Communications, American City Business Journals, Monterey Bay Publishing, and Alan Weston Communications. He is currently a member of the Richland Downtown Development Authority Board and in a good position to keep up with the pulse of Stewart County, informing the public of its goals and progress, as well as the trials and tribulations that all communities face from time to time.
In addition to the new name and expanded coverage area, we are also pleased to have recently revamped our website – www.tjournal.com – to offer online subscriptions.
Online subscriptions are now available for only $20 per year. Many of our out-of-state readers (mostly former area residents) have been asking for this for years, but it has taken a while to get there, because as small business owners, my wife, Michelle Harris, and I serve as our own “IT Department”, as well as “Janitorial Department” and every department in between.
Regular (print) subscribers may also add optional online access for only an additional $5 per year.
We are excited about these developments and we look forward to continuing to give the area a good weekly newspaper.
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