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Plight of Ellaville man is focus
of Georgia Public Policy article

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From the September 25, 2013 issue of The Journal
Note: It has been almost three years since The Journal published an article titled Unfair Competition? Ellaville native says uneven playing field ruined him. The article detailed the demise of Ellaville resident Tommy Pilchers business and noted a variety of ways that he felt the state government contributed to it.
Since then Pilcher has tried in a number of ways to
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protest the system, with the hope of changing it for the better. For the most part he has felt like a man shouting unheard in the wilderness.
However, over the last month there have been some positive developments. Along with The Journal, he has been speaking with a high-level member of Governor Nathan Deal’s staff. While he has yet to be granted a meeting at the capitol, he is hopeful that someone with authority may finally be paying attention.
The latest development came this week when the powerful Georgia Public Policy Foundation released an article about the issue. Only time will tell if the rest of the states media think the story is worth telling, but it has been made available statewide and is printed below.
When Government Goes Off Course
By Benita Dodd
Stephen Goldsmith was a champion of privatization and outsourcing of government operations during his tenure as mayor of Indianapolis. He recalled in his 1997 book, The Twenty-First Century City, how he used what he called the yellow pages test: Look at the city’s yellow pages. If the phone book lists three companies that provide a certain service, the city probably should not be in that business, at least not exclusively.
The best candidates for marketization are those for which a bustling competitive market already
exists. Using the yellow pages tests, we could take advantage of markets that had been operating for years.
We consistently showed that free-market competition could do something critical to solve the fiscal crisis facing state and local governments all over the country: It could increase services while reducing costs, thereby changing the basic equation that describes government failure everywhere today. Competition could stop the spiral of higher taxes paying for worse services.
Unfortunately, Tommy Pilcher of Ellaville, Ga., knows all too well what happens when the trend is reversed, when government intervenes in the bustling competitive market.
In 2005, after working 20 years as a golf course superintendent, Pilcher ... Online subscribers click here for the rest of the story.