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Man wanted for fraud flees Buena Vista Police
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From the September 18, 2013 issue of The Journal
By Richard Harris
A man accused of cheating Buena Vista business owners out of their money by cashing bogus paychecks was nearly caught last Friday, but fled moments before an officer arrived at the scene of the crime.
Charlie Lee Wimberly of Columbus is wanted by local police for two previous cases of alleged check fraud in addition to the crime last Friday.
In August he allegedly cashed at least two forged checks at local businesses. According to Buena Vista Police Chief Ray Sales, he cashed a fraudulent check for $329.08 at M&L Grocery (the store across Highway 26 from Subway), as well as a bad check for $435.34 at USA Gas beside the traffic light.
Wimberly retuned to Buena Vista to work his fraudulent check scheme last Friday. He attempted to cash a check for $421.23 at Party Time liquor store. He evidently did not know the store was owned by Peter Patel of M&L
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Grocery, where he had already struck the month before.
Patel recognized him, secretly alerted the Buena Vista Police Department, and attempted to stall the thief. However, he said Wimberly became suspicious, went behind the counter, snatched the check back, and ran out of the store before an officer arrived.
We want to caution our local business owners and remind them to be careful when they are cashing checks, said Chief Sales.
Charlie Lee Wimberly is approximately 5-foot 5-inches tall and weighs around 150 pounds.