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Eddie Martin – St. EOM – Coming Home


Hear from Tim Gregory, the contractor
supervising the renovation project.

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By Wayne Garrett
   Are there really those among us who can see into the future? On rare occasion, someone comes along who gives us cause to wonder.
   To say the least, he was a sight. There was nothing in Buena Vista to compare him to other than something out of one of Mrs. Cleo Shingler's Arabian Night picture shows. He sported a braided beard and wore silken flowing . . . I guess you call 'em robes and sort of pantaloon britches. His headgear and footwear were anything but ordinary.
   Having been away for a long time, he came home without advance notice. Home was a half mile or so up a dirt road that led north from Georgia Highway 103 just beyond Jay Warren's Little New York store in western Marion County. In those days, the Trailways bus ran daily from Columbus down 103 to Buena Vista and beyond. It would stop anywhere along the way to let passengers board or get off. By bus is how I surmise he traveled. He most assuredly didn't hitchhike. Nobody would have picked him up.

Wayne Garrett, a writer/storyteller born in Buena Vista and 1956 MCHS graduate lives in Panama City, FL. His tales often contain memories of his friends and old hometown and of his family, Guy, Betty, Pearl and Warren Garrett.
   That day, he walked up the red clay dirt road toward his momma's place, wearing his get-up, sandals and all.
   The lady who worked for his family watched him in all his regalia striding toward the house. She had no clue who or what was moving her way. Never in her life had she seen such a sight.
   In the distance, the bearded figure, dressed in diaphanous white garments and wearing sandals made her think for a moment that maybe Jesus Christ had come again.
   Time to rejoice? Kneel and pray?
   As the apparition got closer, she could make out the earrings, the braids, the bangles and other accoutrements and the tattoos the oncoming figure displayed. She changed her mind. That might be the Devil, himself, heading toward her.
   Time to run?
   It turned out to be neither Jesus nor the Devil. Just someone, somewhere in between: Eddie Owens Martin, "St. EOM" coming home to the place where he would create Pasaquan.
   I can't say that I really ... Online subscribers click here for the rest of the essay.
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