You've gotta be kitten me

By Richard Harris

September 21, 2022

 My wife, Michelle, and I love our animals like family members, so when we lost our last cat, Venus, we took it pretty hard. However, after some time went by, we decided we were ready to add another furry bottom to our clan.
  We agreed to take in one of the sort-of-but-not-really-tame kittens another family had living outside their home.
  We named him "Stormy" and that was fitting from the start. The feisty fellow seemed to like being held and petted, but would growl and flash teeth while simultaneously purring, and quickly hide if you put him down.
  He would also bow up, hiss, and strike at our dog, Luna, every time she wanted to check him out.
  I couldn't convince Michelle that the two of them could call a truce for bedtime, so I decided to keep...

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