Chatt. Co. Commissioners Overpaid Since 2010

By Richard Harris

September 14, 2022

 It was recently discovered that some commissioners of the Unified Government of Cusseta-Chattahoochee County, often referred to as the "County Commission," had been being overpaid, but in one case underpaid. The grand total of overpayments dating back to 2010 is around $58,824.
  Commission Chairman Charles Coffey brought the subject up during a recent called meeting.
  "It was seen that we had some miscalculation in our pay formula," he said, adding that they are in the process of correcting it.
  County Manager Laura Lee Bernstein said the mistake was discovered when her office agreed to gather information for a statewide salary study being conducted by the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia. When gathering the information, the amount of pay one...

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